The Brief

TrueLocal asked Love Agency to redevelop their mobile channel, while exploring their database for new potential engagement opportunities. The aim was to have Love Agency craft a new mobile website, iOS and Android apps with enhanced features that delivered better value to users, enhancing TrueLocal's positions as Australia’s biggest online business directory.

The Results

Focusing on how users change can help shape online interactions, Love Agency turned the use case from "finding" to "knowing" – with apps and website now providing easy access to reviews and ratings as well as contact information. The Android app features context specific features and interfaces, while the iOS app received a complete code overhaul that also included these advancements.

Why it matters

By giving users ownership over information, the new TrueLocal platforms improve engagement and increase customer retention. Both the apps and the website deliver a simplified, yet fully functional channel to engage with their local businesses. This fast and intuitive experience – along with consistently useful features on the device of their choice – helps sustain powerful customer retention.

Research and design

  • Modern, innovative and fresh approach to local search
  • Apps empower users to be the “true local”


  • Change in philosophy produces new user experience that's still in line with TrueLocal's ethos
  • Updated style guidelines reflect channel's new direction

Lovin' touches

  • The Android version let Love Agency come up with fresh ideas on how the TrueLocal database could be used to engage customers
  • These ideas were then implemented across the entire mobile channel
  • Joint teams of TrueLocal staff and Love Agency staff kept communication flowing constantly, giving us both a great working relationship that was efficient, thorough and very exciting
  • TrueLocal chose Love Agency for our experience in app development, and for our proven innovative approach

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