The Office of State Revenue (OSR) is NSW’s principle revenue agency, handling state taxation and revenue, grants and subsidies. To provide better service to the people of NSW, OSR engaged Love Agency to revamp its online Penalty Notice Self Service (PNSS) web pages and create a mobile-friendly solution.


The OSR’s site was functional but the Office wanted to offer a better user experience (UX). It wasn’t always clear to users how to complete their payments, the site wasn’t mobile-friendly, and it lacked visual appeal. The Office wanted a future-proof technology platform that could be thoroughly tested before deployment to ensure it offered easy-to-use solutions that would promote user engagement.


Over a period of three months, Love Agency worked closely with OSR to create a modern, user-friendly platform optimised for mobile devices. We began by conducting a collaborative, on-site product development workshop, involving OSR’s key internal stakeholders. We ran through our discovery process, which helped us develop audience personas (to make sure our solutions would properly target OSR’s users) and also uncover some previously unknown workflow problems and inefficiencies. We then presented wireframes with UX-focused, mobile- and tablet-friendly designs and tested them on-site. This allowed us to roll out a final design offering a consistent interface across all platforms. On the back end, we built a robust and flexible technology platform that simplified workflows and resolved the newly-discovered bottlenecks.


As a result, the OSR now offers a much-improved UX on a consistent, easy-to-use digital platform optimised for all devices, with nearly one-third fewer screens than the previous version. This means customers can complete their transactions faster and with less hassle. These improved workflows also benefit the new technology platform we put in place. They have helped reduced the back-end load, making the system easier (and therefore cheaper) to operate and maintain. And it’s ready to adapt to any new requirements or technologies that may arise, ensuring it’ll be able to keep serving the people of NSW for many years to come.

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