The Situation

The Department of Fair Trading engaged Love Agency to build a retirement village calculator to help potential residents and their families understand the cost of retirement village living and to compare these costs between villages.

The Problem

There are approximately 640 registered retirement villages across New South Wales, accommodating over 55,000 residents. Retirement village contracts can be very complicated to navigate through and often contain hidden fees and clauses that can become quite costly to any potential resident.

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The Solution

We began by conducting our collaborative, on-site Product Development Workshop, involving NSW Fair Trading’s key internal stakeholders. We ran through our discovery process, which helped us develop our audience personas. Understanding our end users and how they would interact with the tool helped us clearly outline the right digital platforms to choose. We then presented wireframes with UX-focused, desktop and tablet-friendly designs and user tested them on-site. This allowed us to roll out a final design offering a consistent interface across all platforms.

The Results

As a result, NSW Fair Trading now offers anyone interested in researching the cost of retirement village living an easy-to-use digital platform (optimised for desktop and tablet) that forces retirement village operators to be entirely transparent in their fee’s and eliminates all ambiguity, allowing end users to be fully informed before they take the next step.

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