The Brief

Our app needed to compliment the incredible work the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service does, managing more than 850 NSW national parks and reserves, covering over 7 million hectares of land. NSW has 225 parks with over 1600 things to see and do. An app was needed that would make it easy for people to find a park or attraction, whether it was close by or not.

UX Workshops

The team at Love Agency conducted various design-thinking workshops to determine the features and UX of the app. From our research, creating user personas and journeys help us to identify our users so that we can shape the app to their needs.


It was imperative that the app is accessible to users of all ages and level of technical skill as well as those with disabilities. These considerations shaped the design and UX of the app from the colours and fonts to the density of information in a single page.

One touch search

Whether you are an experienced rock climber looking for your next challenge or a family looking for a bush walk near public transportation, the app needed to quickly and easily give you options. With one tap of an activity from the home screen, the app uses your current location to display the nearest activities.

Offline capability

It was evident from early on that the app needed to function without an internet connection. The team created an ability to save entire parks to your device. This downloaded content includes maps, content and photography.

Your Favourites

Favourite parks, things to do and places to stay to quickly access them later via the Favourites tab.

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