The Brief

20FOUR is a revolutionary new product that allows users to follow their favourite athlete's personal journeys between games and in the off-season.

Essentially, an entirely new social network.

The team at 20FOUR wanted to build a world-class platform that would compete on all levels. UX, design, engineering, and of course scalability.

The Platform

Love Agency designed and built the entire platform. Collaborating with 20FOUR, we helped shape the requirements and strategy and then started from scratch with UX design, prototypes, user testing, visual designs, all the way through to technical architecture and implementation across iOS, Android, and responsive web. The 20FOUR platform is a complex social network, which relies on connecting with other social networks as a key growth driver.


The project involved extensive integration with 3rd party platforms. The core 20FOUR platform was built to orchestrate services to leverage as much work as possible to allow us to maintain focus on adding value where it counts. The 20FOUR system offloads resource and technically intensive tasks to the cloud but at the same time provides a simple, clean, abstracted API interface to the mobile and web clients.

Support and Maintenance

The relationship between Love Agency and 20FOUR extends beyond launch to one of ongoing technical support and maintenance. We are continuously optimising the platform using user behaviour, feedback and analytics to improve engagement and increase retention.


  • Product Development Workshops
  • UI/UX
  • User Testing
  • Web Development
  • Native iOS & Android

Featured on the Apple App Store!

In May 2017, Apple featured the 20FOUR app on the front page of the App Store.

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