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iOS 11 details that didn’t get the spotlight at the WWDC Keynote.

The keynote is over and it was packed with loads of great new features for macOS, it’s hardware and especially iOS. Even at two hours, there’s only so much that they can focus on. That’s why they end each keynote with a page of features that they didn’t have time to show, but it’s often a goldmine of cool stuff. There isn’t a lot of detail, but enough for us to get an idea of what’s to come.

Here are a few features that they showed on their end card and what we think is behind them.

NFC Reader mode
Apple had kept it’s NFC reader to itself since it was introduced on the iPhone 6. It’s looking like they might just open up the functionality to other uses… travel cards at last?

Redesigned Podcast App
The podcast app was starting to look dated beside the beautiful UI of News and Apple Music, so now it looks set too join the family. The world of Podcasts is a massive marketplace that Apple has seemingly left behind in recent years to focus on more core products.

Type to Siri
At last. I’ve never doubted that Siri had the knowledge to action my requests, I just didn’t want to speak out loud on that bus to get them. Looks like we can now be pen-pals. It’ll be better.

QR code support
It was mentioned in the keynote as an offering to the Chinese market, but elsewhere Apple mentioned that it will be coming to all regions as a feature of the default camera app. No more third party apps. Will QR codes finally have their opportunity to shine? No they won’t, but its interesting.

WI-FI password sharing
When i connect my iPad to a new WI-FI network my iPhone automatically gets the password and logs in without me needing to do anything. That’s handy, but does this new feature give me the ability to connect a friend’s device to my wifi network without them needing to go into their settings and type in my password? If thats not the new feature – it should be!